Counter Risk with Intelligence

Bearstone Global

Bearstone combines sophisticated intelligence-gathering, innovative investigative methods and structured analytical techniques, providing clients with the information they require to assess investment opportunities, develop risk profiles, answer regulatory concerns, conduct legal proceedings, or trace and seize stolen assets.

Disclosure for effective decision making

Intelligence for valuation and leverage in negotiations

Identification of risks with business partners or clients

Confirmation that investment criteria are fulfilled

Verification of compliance with anti-corruption legislation

Support for legal proceedings

Cyber security solutions

What Makes Us Different

Diverse Experience of Our Project Managers

Bearstone’s multilingual team of project managers and analysts comes from a diverse range of backgrounds. They gather and transform raw data into actionable and strategic intelligence. The team leverages its experience to compile assessments of the risks facing clients, and prepares customised advisory briefings and reports – helping clients draw informed conclusions and make the best possible decisions.

Depth and Breadth of Our Network

Bearstone’s extended family includes an extensive network of associates with whom we maintain deep and long-standing relationships. Our associates are fully vetted to ensure trust and reliability. They cover a wide range of sectors and jurisdictions – giving Bearstone the ability to collect intelligence from across the globe.

Focus on Primary Intelligence

Our global network of associates enables Bearstone to collect primary intelligence from sources within one or two degrees of separation from the subject of an investigation. This is combined with secondary intelligence from sources with deep knowledge of particular companies, industries, markets, countries and regions.

Flexibility of Approach

Bearstone customises its approach entirely to fit the requirements of our clients. Before assignments commence we take sufficient time to fully understand our clients’ requests, in order to ensure that the scope of services we propose is fully attuned towards resolving their underlying issues.

Our Clients

Bearstone’s clients are typically based in the USA, UK and continental Europe, and represent diverse industries and sectors. All our clients require actionable intelligence to support their decision-making. Our clients include:

  Corporates and SMEs

  Private equity and hedge funds

  Law firms, financial, or strategic advisors

  Commercial and investment banks

  High-net-worth individuals

  International financial institutions

  Compliance and research departments

  Governmental and regulatory bodies

Where Do We Operate?

Bearstone’s multinational in-house team coordinates an extensive network of associates. These local contacts speak over 20 languages, and are usually natives of the countries in which they gather information. Our global reach enables Bearstone to offer unsurpassed private intelligence-gathering capabilities.

Bearstone conducts assignments across Europe, including in the CIS region, as well as North America, the Middle East, Central Asia, and much of Africa.

In many instances Bearstone is also able to operate in other regions, such as Southeast Asia, or Latin America, where we have an indirect presence via partners in our network.

Our Approach

Bearstone assignments are usually conducted following the so-called Intelligence Cycle, which has three main phases: collection, analysis and dissemination.

The initial collection phase involves gathering raw data from various sources such as corporate registries, media databases or the internet, as well as commentary from human sources, and electronic data gathered via surveillance or IT forensics, all collected according to strict protocols and a clear legal mandate.

The second phase involves the analysis of raw data, including its classification, translation, cross-referencing and validation, followed by a comprehensive assessment of the intelligence gathered in order to facilitate decision-making on the client’s side.

In the final phase, Bearstone delivers intelligence to our client and their advisors, in the form of written reports and verbal briefings by project managers.

The measure of our success is the quality of the intelligence that we provide, and the extent to which that intelligence enables clients to make qualified strategic decisions. To ensure that the intelligence delivered is of high quality, Bearstone’s risk advisory team employs a wide variety of tools and resources during all of the phases of the intelligence cycle.

Our Team

The project managers, analysts and researchers who work at Bearstone’s Warsaw headquarters and Berlin branch speak over ten languages between them and come from a wide range of backgrounds. They are the central hub behind the company’s operations.

Our Skills

Our project managers coordinate the work of our external associates, advisors and investigators with extensive experience in gathering and analysing information, including from fields such as corporate auditing and compliance, investigative journalism, law enforcement, state intelligence, cyber security, and the military.