[Podcast] Macedonian medical cannabis market: investment opportunities

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In this episode of Bearstone Insights podcast hosted by Andrew De Roy, together with Marguerite Arnold and Vancho Tolomanosi we look into cannabis legalization. Cannabis news are flooded with exciting investment prospects, with opportunists creating cannabis companies for the sake of the green rush. We aim to shine the light of truth on the events in the growing industry. We are discussing the risks and opportunities of investing in the rapidly growing North Macedonian medical cannabis market.
North Macedonia is being viewed as a low-cost market for the development of medical cannabis products. There are many opportunities for cannabis businesses to commercialise the market.

We are answering the following questions:

1. Why the North Macedonian medical cannabis market is being closely observed by Canadian and other international investors?
2. What are the factors defining the attractiveness of the Macedonian medical cannabis sector?
3. What are the key pillars of the medical cannabis ecosystem in Macedonia?
4. Is Macedonia complying with the current quality production standards and what is a real ratio of price to quality of the medical cannabis products?
5. What are the investors’ fears in terms of building infrastructure around medical cannabis?
6. What are the risks of investing in the cannabis industry in Macedonia?

About guests: 

Marguerite Arnold is an American expat and entrepreneur who has covered the legal cannabis industry globally, from Europe, since 2014. She is also launching a digital health startup called MedPayRx across Europe starting in Germany.

Vancho Tolomanosi has 23 years of experience in creating and operating businesses. He is the founder and CEO of VJV IT Consulting, a U.S.-based IT and cyber-security consulting firm with offices in US and Europe.



Bearstone Global created a report, concentrating on North Macedonian medical cannabis market. The Republic of North Macedonia is among the European countries, where medical cannabis cultivation, extracts and cannabis oil products were legalized. The cannabis industry is developing rapidly and the legalization of substance export is expected to arrive. The report can be found below.

Macedonian medical cannabis market report cover