Counter Risk With Intelligence

Bearstone Global is a commercial intelligence and corporate advisory firm that delivers actionable intelligence for strategic decision making.

Bearstone combines sophisticated intelligence-gathering, innovative investigative methods, and structured analytical techniques, providing clients with the information they require to assess investment opportunities, develop risk profiles, answer regulatory concerns, conduct legal proceedings, or trace and seize stolen assets.

How We Can Help Your Business

Disclosure for effective decision-making

Intelligence for valuations and leverage in negotiations

Identification of risks with business partners or clients

Confirmation that investment criteria are fulfilled

Verification of compliance with anti-corruption legislation

Support for legal proceedings

Cyber security solutions

Bearstone Global was founded in 2007 as a commercial intelligence startup, which worked mainly as a regional subcontractor to other companies in the sector. Over the past decade the company has expanded its coverage to include more than half the globe, and grown to completing more than 500 assignments a year for a diverse range of clients.

Structured Analytical Techniques (I-SAT’s)

These represent analytical techniques derived from and utilized by the intelligence communities aimed at better understanding complex issues and facilitate decision-making in an environment of imperfect information and extremely complex web of interactions among various stakeholders, in a given problem or situation.