Cannabis Industry Compliance in Europe

By July 10, 2019 No Comments

Bearstone Insights was joined by Marguerite Arnold and Dr. Francis Scanlan to discussEuropean regulations and cannabis compliance.

The European Union is known to have stringent standards for consumer goods andpharmaceuticals, but on the nascent cannabis market, it is not always clear how particularproducts are classified.

Following legalisation in North America, European countries havemoved to remove barriers to the entry of legal forms of cannabis onto the market. For manycompanies, this raises the question of cannabis compliance fundamentals and best practice. Currently,no uniform Europe-wide directives exist, so every country moving towards legalisation isintroducing its own laws.

Marguerite and Francis, both successful cannabis entrepreneurs in Europe, joined BearstoneInsights to discuss the peculiarities of cannabis compliance, and how to introducecompliance standards on a market where the boundaries have not yet been fully defined.

We addressed the following questions:

– Is cannabis a pharmaceutical or food product?

– What is the current state of compliance among large cannabis companies?

– How will the international trade agreements as CETA and MRA influence the European cannabis market?

– What are the trends for compliance in this young industry?

Marguerite Arnold is an American expat and entrepreneur who has covered the cannabisindustry globally, from Europe, since 2014. She is also launching a digital health startupcalled MedPayRx across Europe, starting in Germany.

Dr. Francis Scanlan is the founder and managing director of Cloud 9 Switzerland LLC, aHealth & Wellness company focused on Cannabis Edibles and Rx/OTC Pharmaceuticals.Francis has 26 years of international professional experience with increasing roles ofresponsibility in the Environmental, Tobacco, Phytopharmaceutical, Flavors & FoodIngredients, Food & Beverage and Wines & Spirits industries.