Cannabis Intelligence Monitoring:

Actionable Intelligence for the Cannabis Industry

Bearstone Cannabis Intelligence is a weekly monitoring of specific markets for the latest cannabis intelligence. This subscription is designed for investors, equity funds, companies with an interest in the cannabis sector and high-net-worth individuals looking to move into the sector.

The research takes place under the auspices of Bearstone Global, a commercial intelligence and corporate advisory firm based in London, Berlin, Skopje and Warsaw that has been providing actionable and strategic intelligence to its clients for the last 12 years, carrying out over 600 cases annually.

Having developed research methodologies and access to sources, our team of analysts compiles bespoke updated reports on a specific markets (or companies) of your choice each week to deliver actionable insights in the form of a monthly subscription. The information in the reports will help you make wise investment decisions.

Who is this digest for?

Equity funds

Potential investors

High-net-worth individuals

Cannabis companies

This digest is NOT cannabis news, but strategic insights that help minimize risk and uncover prospective opportunities arising from investment in a volatile, yet promising market.

The cannabis market is full of opportunities investors want to utilize and opportunists who are using the demand but won’t contribute to your wealth.

The information space in the cannabis market is full of information that lacks credibility and presents a fragmented, yet not comprehensive market overview. We are here to provide the truth and facts on cannabis across different markets where it has been legalized. We are here to help companies take strategic thoughtful decisions that will result in benefit, not loss. Unbiased and comprehensive information is part of your business success story.

The goal of this digest is to provide you with the necessary background information to e.g. acquire a company operating in the cannabis sector or evaluate the ever-growing demand for cannabis products and offset the risk.

Take right investment decisions based on facts – get access to actionable information on your mailbox each week, before others do.