Litigation Support

We provide litigation support to some of the largest international law firms, adding value to their service offerings by placing a range of investigative capabilities at their disposal. We are often called upon to provide evidence to support legal proceedings. We are experts at retrieving data from open sources, such as land registries or regional corporate records databases, many of which are notoriously difficult to access. We quickly identify indications of wrongdoing to provide legal teams with a focus for their work, cutting costs and timeframes.

Our management team, project managers and associates are well-versed in the data protection regulations of the countries in which we operate. This enables us to assist our clients in ensuring that investigations are conducted ethically and legally and that any information obtained is admissible in court, if necessary.

Investigative capabilities at the disposal of international law firms

Evidence to support legal proceedings

Findings that are admissible in court

Investigations conducted to high ethical and legal standards

Team versed in data protection regulations

Case Study

Bearstone was engaged by an international law firm during ongoing litigation that required the provision of documents and information from several jurisdictions known for their lack of transparency.

The target of the litigation had fled an Eastern European country after having been charged with fraud, and had established a complex network of offshore companies with the suspected aim of laundering the proceeds of that fraud.

The mandate involved uncovering the connections between various offshore entities and tracking the movements of the target individual. Each time a new company in the network was identified, the client required notarised company documents to be obtained.

Bearstone assisted the client in profiling the target’s network of companies, and in obtaining documents from various jurisdictions that could be presented in court.

Our team was able to trace the target’s movements and eventually located him in a Western European country, where he had purchased a property. We were then able to put the client in touch with a local law enforcement liaison.