Risk Advisory Services

Risk advisory services address a wide spectrum of questions, including the strategic assessment of political developments or macro-economic trends, as well as operational and tactical issues, such as threat assessment and mitigation.

Our Risk Advisory Services: 

Analytical techniques derived from and employed by intelligence agencies provide a better understanding of complex issues, and facilitate decision-making in environments of imperfect information and intricate webs of interactions among various stakeholders.

Clients who are considering entering new markets or new countries ask Bearstone to assess the macro risks they are facing before committing resources to local business development and projects. We develop overviews of geopolitical realities, profiles of legal frameworks, macroeconomic situations, and sector-specific analyses.

When operating in high-risk areas where threats can escalate quickly, clients require real-time situational awareness of relevant events and circumstances. Bearstone can provide 24/7 monitoring of both the physical and digital environments in which clients operate, delivering real time updates of emerging threats, along with mitigation strategies.