[Podcast] How is Technology changing Risk Consulting?

By February 25, 2019 June 6th, 2019 No Comments

There is much talk of automation and technology destroying jobs. Blue-collar roles have been increasingly replaced with technology, and now algorithms are impacting white-collar workers also, including lawyers and analysts. Risk consulting is one of the areas that are threatened by technological advancement.

The global corporate intelligence industry continues to boom, but what next for an industry where technology is rapidly disrupting the way work is done?

Will technology aid analysts and make them more efficient, or will it increasingly replace them? Will the tools on offer mean that end clients will be able to meet their compliance and investigative needs in-house? Will the industry increasingly segment to an automated low-end product, and a high-end product? What new technologies are in store that will change the landscape over the next five years?

Here to discuss the recent past, the present and the near future direction of the risk consulting and commercial intelligence sector we have Boris Milos, partner at Bearstone Global and Tom Nikoloski, CEO of Dynamics international.

In this episode we are answering the following questions:

  • How has risk consulting changed over the past five years and how have new applications and technologies been incorporated?
  • OSINT automation tools. How good are they? Are they replacing tasks that previously were done manually?
  • OSINT: how does big data change open source collection?
  • How far do translation tools allow you to work in foreign languages?
  • How is technology impacting the work risk consultants do in particular segments of the industry, such as due diligence, litigation support, or compliance?
  • How are geolocation techniques being used in the commercial sector?
  • Do technologies from the military sector transition to commercial intelligence?
  • Digital pollution and GDPR. What are the current realities as the legal and political framework tries to catch up with the technological realities?
  • While the benefits of technology are enormous, are companies becoming too reliant on technology?

About our guests:

Tom Nikoloski, CEO of Dynamics International

Tom is a risk management and corporate intelligence expert. Since 2009, he has served on various senior risk management and corporate executive positions for consulting companies supporting the US Government and NATO efforts in the Middle East, USA, Europe, and Africa. Prior to joining the private sector, he served as a military officer on various command and staff duties. He is military academy and Fort Benning Career Officers School graduate and holds MA in Risk Management.

Boris Milosh, Partner, Bearstone Global

Boris has more than fifteen years of international experience in corporate finance (M&A, valuation, risk management, and derivatives), as well as corporate strategy and business development experience (business modeling, product development, proofs of concept, project management). His sector experience includes banking and asset management, telecoms, tech, energy, start-ups, and venture capital. Boris is an alumnus of the London Business School where he received his MBA, prior to which he graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in Business and Political Science. Boris also has experience in the military and intelligence community.

Andrew de Roy, Founder and Managing Partner, Bearstone Global

With over ten years of experience in the commercial intelligence and investigations field, Andrew de Roy is regarded as one of the foremost specialists in the CEE region. Prior to founding Bearstone, Andrew was employed by the Financial Times Group, as the Mergermarket bureau chief in Poland. A leading provider of M&A intelligence and market analysis, Andrew gained a profound insight into the needs of businesses operating and investing in the region. He established Bearstone building on an exceptional network in the London and Warsaw markets and has since overseen many complex operations, consistently increasing Bearstone’s reputation as a trusted provider of commercial intelligence and investigation services. Andrew has a private detective license issued by the Polish Ministry of the Interior and Administration.